Crystal Rig Wind Farm

Wind turbines landscape

Construction Update

We recently contacted local stakeholders to provide an introduction and overview to the proposed construction timeline for Crystal Rig IV.

The recently consented extension, Crystal Rig IV, will form a natural expansion of the existing site and will involve the construction of 11 turbines up to 200m to tip. This will allow the wind farm, combined, to generate 262.5MW of electricity – the equivalent to powering more than 200,000 homes annually.

It is our intention to commence construction at Crystal Rig in early 2023, prior to some initial ground investigations that will be taking place on-site later this year.

We are committed to working closely with key stakeholders and residents throughout this period and we hope that feedback we receive at an early stage can help to shape how we communicate to the best of our ability throughout the construction process. 

We hope to undertake a range of meetings locally to discuss the forthcoming construction and to identify how we can work closely together in the future.

If you would like to get involved, please contact