Crystal Rig Wind Farm

Crystal Rig Repower

We have been working to ensure that Crystal Rig:

Delivers a consistent supply of renewable electricity

Brings together complimentary technologies to maximise renewables resources

Supports the economy and community

Repowering Crystal Rig

The earliest turbines at Crystal Rig have been turning for over 20 years and we are proposing to take these down and put up new, taller, but fewer, turbines.

At this stage we anticipate the plans will involve:

  • Decommissioning 25 turbines
  • Installing up to 10 taller turbines (250m to tip)
  • Exploring the potential to include solar power and battery storage
  • Delivering a community benefit package of £5000 per MW of wind and £500 per MW of solar
  • Generating enough clean energy to power over 50,000 homes

Key Facts

Turbines being removed
Turbines being installed
0 MW
Anticipated capacity
0 years
Operating period
We are at the very early stages of our proposals. We are undertaking consultation with the community and key stakeholders to gather feedback that will, alongside the results of the technical assessments, inform our design. This will be subject to extensive consultation prior to applying to the Scottish Government for consent.

We evaluate and present the effects of the project in the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA-R). The EIA-R will accompany our application, which we expect will be submitted in late 2024.


Early April 2024
Scoping Submission
May 2024
Public Exhibitions
September 2024
Public Exhibitions
December 2024
Application Submission