Crystal Rig Wind Farm

Repowering and Decommissioning

Why Repower?

Crystal Rig 1 has been operational since 2003. The wind farm was at the forefront of the renewables revolution in Scotland.

However, the 62.5MW site has come to the end of its life. We are proposing to repower the project – replacing the ageing turbines with new, more powerful, and efficient models.

Repowering existing wind farms is a very effective way to improve the efficiency at existing wind farm sites – which typically have very good wind conditions.


Should our repowering proposals be consented, we will take down the existing turbines. Around 85% of a turbine is made from steel, and this will be recycled.

We are working with industry to find a circular solution for the remainder of the components, this could involve:

  • Refurbishment and re-use of components
  • Creating public realm from turbine blades
  • Supporting an industrial scale recycling solution for turbine blades